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Top Marketing Trends for 2017

With each new year, there seems to be an apparent change in marketing trends and ways we are to connect with our audiences with the rapid evolvement of social media and technology. These big trends of 2017 will ultimately help marketers engage more with their audience and cultivate loyal customers.

The first trend is to “go native or go home.” Joe Pulizzi, a content-marketing evangelist, calls native advertising the “gateway drug” to content marketing. This is one of the greatest forms of paid media because users can’t tell the difference between paid advertising and what is part of the site. This content is usually helpful to the user in some way and is intriguing, making it one of the best platforms for any marketing campaign.

The second trend, that I believe we are all aware of at this point, is to embrace content marketing. Content marketing is so vital because that’s where the audience really gets to know, and interact with your brand. Be consistent with this, be true to your brand, and use humor or sarcasm to appeal to your audience. Ask yourself what you look for in other brands and enjoy seeing when it’s on your home page. Know your audience and put out consistent content that will keep them interested.

The next is, “find your target influencer.” Target influencers are so vital because it gives brands the opportunity to be “one of the cool kids that everyone is talking about.” When these influencers are used effectively, they create a genuine way to allure a target audience.

Another marketing trend for 2017 is to “experiment with livestreaming video and visual storytelling.” Livestreaming is becoming increasingly popular and vital as these videos connect immediately to the viewer and are able to reach the viewer in a more emotional way.

Finally, “give your social content an expiration date.” Generation Z has a decreasing attention span, which means that making expiring social content is vital. It’s important to grasp the user’s attention and cut through all of the noise that they are constantly having to deal with online.


– Makenzie Beshear


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