Vid Monster Productions

Video is the most engaging type of content available today. Ads lead to landing pages where customers begin to crawl through your content. Improving those landing conversion rates is every business owners concern. 500 people can be directed to your site but if only 20 are looking through your products, your not successfully utilizing you web marketing dollars. Video is the simplest solution to higher engagement and high conversion rates. According to Studies show that videos placed on landing pages increase conversion by 80%. The increase is because video allows for engaging content and encourages people to watch. In today’s world the attention span decreases by the day. You have less than 5 seconds to grab a potential customers attention. Video marketing has the power to say 10,000 words for every 1,000 words written down. I challenge every business owner to test the water of video marketing and let the conversion rates speak for themselves. Let us help tell your story.


-Barbara Vanderveer


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