Sam Kirby

Sam Kirby

Vid Monster Productions' CEO & Creative Director

Sam Kirby is the CEO and Creative Director of Vid Monster Productions. Since his adolescence, he has been creating videos of all kinds in search of meaningful content. A passionate cinematographer, video editor, and entrepreneur with a background in freelance videography and public television, Sam aims to continue Vid Monster’s mission of making the video production process smooth, efficient, and accessible. A honors graduate of the Mahurin Honors College at WKU, he studied TV/Film Production, business, and music; he received an honors distinction for his capstone short film, Odessa. During that time, he also worked at WKYU-PBS. Sam enjoys the outdoors, vintage culture, and traveling. From writing concepts and directing the team, to fielding client meetings and pursuing community education initiatives, Vid Monster has nowhere to go but up.

Awards & Certifications:

  • Teaching Mentor VSA KY
  • Honors with Distinction Capstone
  • Advisory Board Member of Southern KY Film Commission
  • SXSW Regular
  • Kappa Tau Alpha Professional Broadcast Fraternity Life Member