Jennifer Martin

Vid Monster Productions' Marketing Director

Jennifer Martin is the Marketing Director at Vid Monster Productions. Her  history with hyper-local and national marketing events for various business industries, as well as, a desire to help small businesses succeed is what drives her passion.

Christian Reed is the Production Manager at Vid Monster Productions. His interest in film stems back to his teenage years where he would create lifestyle videos with friends. He began working on film sets across the country at a relatively young age, mostly exhibiting talent in set decoration and production design, leading him to working on mid to high level short films, television pilots, and music videos. A passion for directing was born. Christian moved to Los Angeles where he crafted his art with a prime focus on lighting and composition in music videos and film, before moving to Bowling Green, KY to work with Sam Kirby and Vid Monster Productions. He strives to make unique projects come to life, and to give the community something they can be proud of.