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John Wick 2 Movie Review

It’s a rare thing when the second movie is better than the first. A few weeks ago, I watched John Wick for the very first time and was surprised at how compelling the film actually was. With it’s high impact and upbeat story line, it’s a constant rush. Last week, the second movie came out to theatres and I knew that I had to go see it. My favorite parts about the movie, which I believe most can attest to, were the shooting scenes. Cinematographer, Dan Laustsen, is a master of capturing these fight scenes. The best thing about watching them are the smoothness between the fighting and shooting, almost to where it seems in one motion. Nowadays, fight scenes want to be made more realistic so they are made shaky and with hyperkinetic editing. I enjoyed being able to fully grasp every move that was happening rather than feeling like I was on a rollercoaster. Another factor that made the fight scenes that much for enjoyable was that they shot wide, which made it seem that much more real. You basically feel every punch, every fall, and it keeps you on your toes at all times. With it’s color choice, lighting, and shot composition, John Wick presents some of the prettiest looking fight scenes in current films.

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– Makenzie Beshear


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