Facebook Gives Back

Facebook is upgrading its ad measurement offerings to give marketers more information about their campaigns on its ad platform.

Facebook recently announced the expansion  with third-party ad tech companies, promising better quality data. The social media platform said they are focusing on providing marketers with  a more accurate grasp of how ads on the social network compare to other media outlets.

Social Media is a vital platform in today’s marketing world. Vid Monster Productions does an outstanding job with using public resources such as Facebook to effectively market to the masses for a budget friendly cost. I believe Facebook is stepping in the right direction to ensure that they are able to provide precise analytics.  According to “One thing Facebook is trying to provide is more transparency around how advertisers are performing on the social media platform.” If your ready to take your business marketing to the next level, let us at Vid Monster Productions help you take advantage of these social media tools. Let us be the one to tell you story next!



-Barbara Vanderveer

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