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Different Perspectives

Video is a very powerful thing. Everyone has a story and in some way everyone’s story is interesting. A good storyteller is able to reveal ones message through multiple perspectives. I recently watched A Game Of Honor, a CBSSports production. This is a short documentary about how the navel academy students prepare for war while juggling academics and preparation for one the biggest rivalry football games in sports. I love the way they edited this film. They used lots of Natural Sounds in order to tell a beautiful story. They really did a good job with making the audience feel as if they were in the soldiers shoes. I love how they were able to essential take 3 different stories and integrate them into one. Going back to telling a simple story through multiple perspectives, they first told the story of a young man enlisting into the navel academy. Secondly, the touched on the hardship of a student athlete. Lastly, they showed the hard ship of young man preparing for war. They brought the story full circle by ending on the fifty yard line on one of the most popular rivalry games in college football. Any good storyteller will agree in order to touch people hearts and souls, you must first think outside the box and challenge your creative mind to see all perspectives.


-Barbara Vanderveer



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