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Building Better Brands Book Review

Character is so vital when crafting the elements that define a brand and we must understand that before we can make decisions on where to go to market. Character must come first because it is the driving force behind the organization. Character is the factor that separates one business from another. When defining character, it’s important to only pick three rules that work together and can capture the evolving nature of the organization. There are eight steps to defining brand character:
1. Frame
2. Brainstorm
3. Organize            
4. Character
5. Distill
6. Craft
7. Validate
8. Finalize
First, begin framing by having an open discussion about goals, other organizations, and ground rules. Next, brainstorm by setting up three sections (past, present, and future). Let each person have a few minutes to do this on their own so that their thoughts aren’t influenced by others. Step 3, 4 and 5 are all about bringing everyone’s ideas and organizing them. Crafting is where the group will decide on the three traits that define its organization. Then, validate by asking how the organization will look once these traits put into practice. Lastly, finalize the groups effort by drafting a core character statement that captures the thoughts and ideas.

Source: Building Better Brands by Scott Lerman

– Makenzie Beshear


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