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Tips from Texas

During our lovely time at SXSW, I was given the pleasure of attending a “Creativity Burnout” meetup. The topic of discussion varies, but centered primarily around how much energy creative work can take and how that may affect leadership. For me, as our CEO, this discussion proved to be very fruitful. Often times, we get so caught up in our quick turnaround processes and in the hectic nature of our […] Read More

Meeting the Best at SXSW

Working in the video production industry attending the South by Southwest Festival has always been a major deal to all of us at Vid Monster Productions. Conquering Austin, Texas for 9 days was everything we’d hoped for and more.  I think we can all agree it was an AWESOME life changing experience. Imagine 200,000 people packed into a rejuvenating city full of a variety of mouth watering food, thriving creativity, […] Read More

Colors of The Wind

Disney’s Pocahontas Soundtrack is a classic that most everybody has heard. This week I break down the beautiful childhood song, “The Colors of The Wind”. The instruments alone tell such a powerful story. It starts off with some strings and high pitch flutes to create a mysterious feeling. The beat quickly gains momentum as the story shifts to a teasing and flirtation vibe. By adding symbols and percussion during the […] Read More

Soundtrack Review of Arrival

I have always been a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies, and when I went to see Arrival, I was in no way disappointed. One of the greatest parts of the film was how the composer, Johann Johannsson, was able to express this alien contact movie about language and communication through the music. The music was so unique to anything that I have heard and it really gave the viewer an […] Read More

John Wick 2 Movie Review

It’s a rare thing when the second movie is better than the first. A few weeks ago, I watched John Wick for the very first time and was surprised at how compelling the film actually was. With it’s high impact and upbeat story line, it’s a constant rush. Last week, the second movie came out to theatres and I knew that I had to go see it. My favorite parts […] Read More

Different Perspectives

Video is a very powerful thing. Everyone has a story and in some way everyone’s story is interesting. A good storyteller is able to reveal ones message through multiple perspectives. I recently watched A Game Of Honor, a CBSSports production. This is a short documentary about how the navel academy students prepare for war while juggling academics and preparation for one the biggest rivalry football games in sports. I love […] Read More

Top Marketing Trends for 2017

With each new year, there seems to be an apparent change in marketing trends and ways we are to connect with our audiences with the rapid evolvement of social media and technology. These big trends of 2017 will ultimately help marketers engage more with their audience and cultivate loyal customers. The first trend is to “go native or go home.” Joe Pulizzi, a content-marketing evangelist, calls native advertising the “gateway […] Read More

Building Better Brands Book Review

Character is so vital when crafting the elements that define a brand and we must understand that before we can make decisions on where to go to market. Character must come first because it is the driving force behind the organization. Character is the factor that separates one business from another. When defining character, it’s important to only pick three rules that work together and can capture the evolving nature […] Read More

Facebook Gives Back

Facebook is upgrading its ad measurement offerings to give marketers more information about their campaigns on its ad platform. Facebook recently announced the expansion  with third-party ad tech companies, promising better quality data. The social media platform said they are focusing on providing marketers with  a more accurate grasp of how ads on the social network compare to other media outlets. Social Media is a vital platform in today’s marketing world. Vid Monster […] Read More

Vid Monster Productions

The Power of Video

Video is the most engaging type of content available today. Ads lead to landing pages where customers begin to crawl through your content. Improving those landing conversion rates is every business owners concern. 500 people can be directed to your site but if only 20 are looking through your products, your not successfully utilizing you web marketing dollars. Video is the simplest solution to higher engagement and high conversion rates. […] Read More